Huatai Package is a professional packing supplier in China. We have two branch factories, one in Wuxi which is close to Shanghai, the other is located in Shandong Province which is close to Qingdao port. In total we have about 200 employees and the factory cover about 20,000 square meters production area. We have 10 fully automatic component punching production lines, 61 sets half automatic punching machines and 13 fully automatic can making lines, etc. Huatai Package focus on designing, making and supplying metal material, metal components, metal containers as well as plastic containers, they are widely used to pack food and industrial products such as paint, lubricant, oil, food, adhesive, candle etc. We are a steady supplier to many Chinese listed companies. Our products are also exported to more than 98 countries like USA, UK, South Africa, Australia, Russia, Singapore, Colombia. And we take great pride in being one of the long-term partners for lots of famous international brands. Our group is aimed to be a steady and friendly supplier to all customers with the spirit: ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY PACKAGE, BETTER QUALITY, BETTER SERVICE, HAPPY WORKERS

F style can

An F-style can is a specific type of UN-certified metal jerrican made from quality tin-coated steel, giving it high durability and resistance against rusting and corrosion. F-style cans are unlined and great for various liquid chemicals, such as motor oil, turpentine, liquid adhesives, solvents, thinners or acetone.
F-style metal cans have a rectangular shape, making them easy to stack and more space-efficient than round bottles or drums. This container is perfect for saving space and fits nicely on shelves.
Our F-style cans are available with a central or offset opening, topped with a plastic or metal screw cap. 4-liter and 1-gallon sizes feature built-in metal handles for easy carrying, available in fixed or folding configurations.